Cмотреть Windows Ice XP v4.1+Рус. (от 20.11.08) онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве

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Смотреть Windows Ice XP v4.1+Рус. (от 20.11.08) онлайн в хорошем качестве
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Windows Ice XP v4.1+Рус. (от 20.11.08)
Based on OS: Windows XP Professional OEM
Service Pack: 3
Version: 5.1.2600.5512
Ice Version: 4.1 Evolution and Basic
Активация|рег код: Не требуется
Язык Интерфейса: Eng+Рус.
Доп. инфомация: В архив добавлено Russian Language Pack for Window Xp,Русский MUI for all XP

Инсталяционный DVD образ Windows Ice XP v4.1 Evolution PowerPack Multibootable DVD with Office 2007 and Open Office 3.0! При создании сборки взят за основу SP3 Final! Активированная версия,проходит проверку подлинности на вэб узле Microsoft!

Multiboot System:
Windows Ice XP v4 Basic Edition
Windows Ice XP v4 Basic Edition (SATA Drivers)
Windows Ice XP v4 Evolution
Windows Ice XP v4 Evolution (SATA Drivers)
Windows Ice XP v4 Live Edition
Windows Emergency Recovery Console Ice XP
Hiren's BootCD v9.6 All-In-One bootable Utility

At bootup, you will be able to install/use any of the OS or tool mentioned above, through an easy graphics interface:

Lets skip for now the first 4 options, and see what options 5 6 e 7 are about:

The Live Ice XP version is simply a Windows version that doesnt require any installation, just run it on the fly and access all your files normally, if your main OS doesnt load or theres something broken with it. Needless to say, its THE tool in case of emergency situations. Just google it up (Windows Live XP) if you need more info.

The Windows Emergency Recovery Console...Im sure you all know already what its there for, but anyway...it recovers the system when it's really messed up and won't load, plus some other nice XP recovery tools.

Last but not least, Hiren's bootCD is just another recovery and diagnose set of tools that you can run at bootup, that you might need.

Windows Ice XP v4 Evolution and Basic:
These are the two new versions of Ice XP.
We've got the standard one, Ice XP v4 Evolution, and the slim one, Ice XP v4 Basic.
As you can imagine, the Basic version got stripped of things that most people dont really need, slowing down the system with stuff running in the background. But dont worry, if you've never used them, you wont miss them.
Anyway, in case you're not sure which one to get, the Evolution will be the best choice.
As in previous Ice versions, I've added lots of tweaks but Windows Ice Xp v4 is very similar to v3...seeing as it was pretty much perfect already.
More info about tweaks and all the stripped stuff HERE...but its in italian...so you know...

Windows Ice XP v4 features:
Based on Windows Xp Professional, OEM version.
Service Pack 3 and Windows Updates (up to October) integrated.
Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Media
Player 11 included.
DirectX 9c August 2008 integrated.
Original Windows Vista Sidebar + gadgets
Vista Ice Style Theme (theme, sounds, wallpapers, cursors, screensavers and Vista fonts).
Unattended installation (means you dont have to do a thing till the end, just press install)

In case your sata hard disk/motherboard wont pick up the normal OS installation,you can choose the SATA drivers version to fix the problem, as I integrated most known drivers.

As I've already said, the whole process will be Unattended, which means you wont have to do anything after you've hit the installation button. Once it's all done, the only thing you have to do is type in the main user account name, and then choose what software to install (if theres any you want) from the Ice Post-Install interface.

Windows Ice Xp v4 Evolution can otherwise be installed as an upgrade (if the OS you are attempting to upgrade is compatible), so you wont need to boot from DVD.
In case no error message pops up, you are good to go and your system will be upgraded to Windows Ice v4.
It might ask for a key, so just check the !CRACKS! folder, you'll find one.

Post-Install Wizard:
Available with all of the OS installations, with about 100 softwares to choose from.
It will run automatically once the Windows installation is done, but you can always run it from DVD anytime, so dont worry if you forget something.

These are the softwares available within the Post-Install:
Nero Ultra v8.3.6.0 (Cracked)
Nero Lite v8.3.6.0 (Cracked)
Nero Micro v8.3.6.0 (Cracked)
BSPlayer v1.37.826
CDBurnerXP v4.2.3
Codecs Pack All-In-1 v6.0.30 (ENG)
Daemon Tools v4.30.03 Lite
DVD Shrink v3.2.0.15
DVD Region+CSS Free v5.9.8.5 (Cracked)
K-Lite Codec Pack v4.25 (Full)
Slysoft CloneCD v5.3.1.3
SlySoft CloneDVD v2.9.1.9
Slysoft CloneDVDMobile v1.2.0.1
QuickTime Alternative v2.70
Real Player Alternative v1.90
Media Player Classic v6.4.9.1
UltraISO Premium Edition v9.3.0.2612
VLC Video Player v0.9.4
XP Codec Pack v2.4.3

HJSplit v2.2
Defraggler v1.03.094
Diskeeper 2008 v12.0.758.0 Pro Premier (Cracked)
Driver Genius Pro v8.0.0.316 (Cracked)
DustBuster v2.9.5.1
EVEREST Ultimate Edition v4.60.1500
CCleaner v2.13.720
Advanced Registry Doctor Pro v8.8.8.21 (Cracked)
AMD Dual Core Optimizer v1.1.3
Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 10
TuneUp Utilities 2008 v7.0.8008 (Cracked)
7-Zip v4.57
Kels CPL Bonus Pack v8.8
Recuva v1.20
Sandra LITE XIIV v1.5.42
SpeedFan v4.35
Teracopy Pro v1.22
Universal Extractor v1.6
Unlocker v1.8.7
WinRAR v3.80 (Cracked)
WinUHA v2.0 RC12.27
Your Uninstaller 2008 PRO v6.1.1236

Aveiconifier v2 (ENG)
FastStone Image Viewer v3.6
IrfanView v4.10
The Gimp v2.6.1
Paint.NET v3.36

Adobe Flash Player v10.0.12.36 (Internet Explorer)
Adobe Flash Player v10.0.12.36 (Firefox)
FileZilla v3.1.5
FlashGet v1.9.6.1073
Free Download Manager v2.5 build 758
Avant Browser v11.7 Build 15
eMule v0.49b
Mozilla Firefox v3.0.3
Mozilla Thunderbird v2.0.0.17
BitComet v0.99
Opera v9.61
Windows Live Messenger v8.5
Windows Messenger Plus! Live v4.70
Windows Messenger Discovery Live v1.5.0800
WLM-MSN BackUp v1.3.3
uTorrent v1.8.1

ESET Smart Security v3.0.672
Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 (Cracked)
Kaspersky Key Finder v1.4.4d
Avast! Home v4.8.1229
AVG Internet Security v8.0 (ITA )
Bitdefender Free v10 (ENG)
Sunbelt Personal Firewall v4.6.1845
Sygate Personal Firewall v5.6.2808
ZoneAlarm Free v8.0.020.0

Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise (Cracked)
Adobe Reader v9
Notepad++ v.5.1
OpenOffice.org v3

Modding Desktop
Glass2k v0.92 (ENG)
LClock v1.61a
Stardock ObjectDock v1.9
Styler v1.401
WinFlip v0.42
RocketDock v1.3.5
TrueTransparecy v0.9.4
Vista Drive Icon v1.4
VisualToolTip v2.21
Yod'm 3D v1.4

UWP FastCopy v1.0
UWP LiveStream Windows v1.41
UWP Roller v1.0
UWP Trasparency Kit v1.32
UWP Tray Tool Final v1.0
UWP No Extension v1.0
Wallpapers collection
Screensavers Collection
DirectX for Windows XP
Optimize Logonui for Widescreen monitors

Ram registry tweaks
Optimize the RAM (pc's that have at least 128 Mb)
Optimize the RAM (pc's that have at least 256 Mb)
Optimize the RAM (pc's that have at least 512 Mb or more)

CPU registry tweaks
Optimize Cache L2 (00. for processors with Cache L2 = 64 kb)
Optimize Cache L2 (01. for processorc with Cache L2 = 128 kb)
Optimize Cache L2 (02. for processors with Cache L2 = 256 kb)
Optimize Cache L2 (03. for processors with Cache L2 = 512 kb)
Optimize Cache L2 (04. for processors with Cache L2 = 1 Mb)
Optimize Cache L2 (05. for processors with Cache L2 = 2 Mb)
Optimize Cache L2 (06. for processors with Cache L2 = 4 Mb)
Optimize Cache L2 (07. for processors with Cache L2 = 6 Mb)
Optimize Cache L2 (08. for processors with Cache L2 = 8 Mb)

Other registry tweaks
Optimize File System NTFS
Optimize Internet Connection

For all those that say "NOT Cracked", all you'll need to do is check again the !Cracks! folder in the DVD.

Windows Ice XP v4.1+Рус. (от 20.11.08) смотреть онлайн в хорошем качестве HD бесплатно...
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