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Смотреть GeekAtPlay Studios - Vue Video Tutorials/volume one(2008) онлайн в хорошем качестве
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GeekAtPlay Studios - Vue Video Tutorials/volume one(2008)

Производитель: GeekAtPlay
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский

This special DVD release contains over 580 minutes of footage with 35 distinct videos tutorials. The DVD has same free tutorials as on our website, but you will have them in your hands, at your convenience, without the need for the internet connection. All of the 35 tutorials that were available on the day this package was released are on the DVD.

содержание курса:
35. Make echosystem in 3D .Vue 6
Manipulation with filters in material settings :
- Advanced echosystem manipulation.
- Echopainter.
- Creating rock pillars with echosystem.
34. Let It Snow.Vue 6
Creating snow scenes:
- Using color changes to make snowy trees.
- Textured snow with material layers.
- A winter trail.
33. Hypertextures and terrain.Vue 6
Using hypertextures with terrains:
- Understanding hypertextures.
- Creating hypertextures.
- Creating a terrain with overhanging rocks
32. Creating city with ecosystem.Vue 6
Using a single material for city creation :
- Creating image maps for city layout.
- Multilayer materials setup.
- Controlling the ecosystem population with images.
31. Four Seasons Island.Vue 6
Advance terrain manipulation:
- Boolean operations with terrain.
- Terrain alignment.
- Ecosystem population.
30. Under Sea.Vue 6
Creating an underwater environment:
- Material image maps.
- Creating coral materials.
- Lighting, water, and objects setup.
29. Inside a Cave.Vue 6, Vue 5
Creating a cave environment:
- Making a cave terrain with stalagtites, stalagmites, and pillars.
- Applying modified materials.
- Lighting, atmosphere, and fog in caves.
28. Autumn trees.Vue 6, Vue 5
Creating mixed colored trees:
- Distribution based colored leaves.
- Making leaves a mixed material.
* Tip : For a smooth mix in colors add fractal node to distribution materials.
27. Creating Advanced Materials.Vue 6
Creating advanced building materials :
- Complex multilayer mixed materials.
- Materials placement functions.
- Combining materials with objects.
26. Cliffs and Forest.Vue 6
Creating forest on rocks :
- Creating rock texture.
- Manipulation with terrain.
- Lighting enhancement.
25. Material Layers.Vue 6
Advanced Material Layers:
- Terrain altitude functions and random seed.
- Understanding material layers.
- Ecosystem interaction in layers.
24. Animated Layers. Part 2.Vue 5-6, After Effects CS2
Setup animation in After Effects:
- Create 3D set in After Effects.
- Adding live action layer.
- Creating shadows.
* Looking for After Effects tutorials? check www.videocopilot.net.
23. Animated Layers. Vue 6
Combine Vue render in animated layers:
- Set up layers in Vue.
- Combine animated layers in After Effects.
- Insert additional layer in Vue rendering.
22. Island. Vue 6
In this tutorial you will create island in water:
- Modifying terrane altatude function.
- Create water foam by shore.
- Echo system painter, resizing.
21. 3D Stamps. Vue 6
In this tutorial you learn about 3D terrain stamps:
- Create custom terrains.
- Boolean operation with terrains.
* Mark Caldwell's python scripts from Impworks
20. Cell Shading. Vue 6
In this tutorial you learn how to set cell shading for materials:
- Creating Cell Shaded materials.
- Animation tips.
19. Particle simulation with ecosystem. Vue 6
This tutorial goes through the steps of creating an animation with the following:
- Particle simulation in Vue.
- Using ecosystem in new way.
18. Florescent Lighting. Vue 6
This tutorial goes through the steps of creating an animation with the following:
- Creating florescent lights with area lighting.
- Making area lights flicker.
- Running through a hall.
17. Negative Lighting Vue 6 and Vue 5
In this tutorial you'll learn how what could have been a mistake can actually become a useful trick when you assign a negative value to your light source.
16. Floating Island Vue 6
This tutorial is stuffed with pearls. From start to finish, we show you how to create an island that floats in midair.
Click here to view addon part, how to make rocks and plants stay on island when you using ecosystem painter.
15. Alpha Plane Forest. Vue 6
Here, we talk more about alpha planes and their uses while creating a forest in the sunset.
14. Alpha plane. Japan sunset. Vue 6 and Vue 5
In this tutorial we show you an interesting use for alpha plane and make an unusual scene using custom images.
13. Brushes 5. Splash in the Water. Vue 6
Will we ever stop making tutorials about brushes? Well, yes. This is the last one. But you'll be glad we pulled one more trick out of the brush drawer, because here we'll show you how to make water splashes without all the complex modeling.
12. Brushes 4. Lost Treasures in the Sand. Vue 6
A few more mysteries in the sand are uncovered when we use brushes.
11. Brushes 3. Creating tree roots Vue 6
Lets get to the root of the matter. Trees have roots. Often, these roots push up the ground and sometimes they even get exposed. This tutorial will show you how to use a brush to give an effect of roots around the base of a tree.
10. Brushes 2. Creating a Distant City Vue 6
Rome was built in a day, but you'll be able to create this city in just a few minutes. Not only is it fast and easy to put together, but a low polygon count means a quicker render, too.
- Tip, to have sharper look, increase your terrane resolution to 512/512 or 1024/1024.
9. Brushes 1. Discover Brushes. Vue 6
Brushes can be very useful in terrain creation. In our first installment, we'll play around a little and show you that there is more than meets the eye in this powerful Vue tool.
8. Creating Custom Textures from Images. Vue 6 and Vue 5
People were looking at you funny when you pointed the camera straight down and snapped your pic, but we know what you were doing. We'll show you how to create photo realistic textures without complext material presets based on an image.
7. Distribution of materials. Vue 6 and Vue 5
If you're mixing up the snow and the rocks and the trees and the grass, it can get hard to see what is going on in that preview pain. In this tutorial, we demonstrate an easy way to set up a complex distribution of materials.
6. Random Animation of multiple objects. Vue 6 and Vue 5
Here, we'll show you a quick and easy way to control the random motion of tens or even hundreds of objects all at once and give you a good grasp on the object scattering option.
5. Assembling a House Vue 6 and Vue 5
Some things are just better done backwards. In this tutorial, we'll give you another way to look at setting up your keyframes and use a reverse keyset to assemble a little house on the digital prairie.
4. Spinning Our Wheels. Vue 6 and Vue 5
Wheels move in two different ways: they rotate and they move forward. But how are those two motions connected? It's all in the math, baby. We'll show you the formula and how to apply it so your wheels will realistically roll on the ground.
3. Creating a 360 Degree Camera pan Vue 6 and Vue 5
Ever wanted to pan your camera around an object? We'll show you how to create a perfectly circular, 360 degree camera path where the camera is always pointed at your object.
2. Using Vue and Flash 8 Vue 6 and Vue 5
This one, also before sound capabilities graced our productions, demonstrates how you can integrate a Vue rended scene with Flash.
1. Establishing Visual Perspective. All versions
This was our first tutorial, before we had a sound studio. It shows you the basic rules of visual perspective, useful for any 3D software.

Видео кодек: VPx
Видео: FLV4 1024x768
Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3 22050Hz mono 96Kbps

GeekAtPlay Studios - Vue Video Tutorials/volume one(2008)GeekAtPlay Studios - Vue Video Tutorials/volume one(2008)GeekAtPlay Studios - Vue Video Tutorials/volume one(2008)GeekAtPlay Studios - Vue Video Tutorials/volume one(2008)

GeekAtPlay Studios - Vue Video Tutorials/volume one(2008)GeekAtPlay Studios - Vue Video Tutorials/volume one(2008)GeekAtPlay Studios - Vue Video Tutorials/volume one(2008)

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